Belay & Safety Class

This entry-level lesson is designed to introduce new-comers to the exciting sport of rock climbing. The lesson covers knot tying,belaying, rope management skills, the use of technical equipment, and climbing commands. An emphasis is placed on the skills neededto climb and belay in a controlled environment. Anyone who has never belayed before or is unable to pass the belay test is required to take this class. For ages 12 & Older.

Offered Anytime

$20 lesson includes day pass and rental package

*** Now offering FREE belay classes with the purchase of a day pass every Saturday.


Movement and Technique Class

As a novice climber who has the mechanical skills needed to top-rope climb, your next step is to learn proper techniques to maximize your performance on the wall. In this class you will learn the basics of balance, body position and footwork. These techniques will advance your climbing level by enabling you to conserve your strength and climb more efficiently.

2 hr. per session, 4 weeks

$90 for members/punchcard holders

$125 for nonmembers, includes month membership and gear rentals



Sport Lead Class

Learn to climb on the sharp end. If your only experiences include top-roping/bouldering, this is the course for you. This lesson will introduce the climber to leading sport routes. Topics include the art of safe and efficient lead belaying, how to clip protection, lead climbing techniques, the art of falling safely and catching a fall.  At the end of this course, you will have gained the knowledge and confidence to effectively lead at any outdoor crag.

2 hr. per session, 4 weeks

$90 for members/punchcard holders

$125 for nonmembers, includes month membership and gear rentals


Climbing Club

Climbing Club is a recreational environment where kids ages 7 through 13 can get together and experience the challenges of rock climbing under the supervision of experienced coaches and climbers. Club climbers will practice new techniques each week and learn the importance of fitness, working as a team and most importantly having some active and productive fun.

Meets: Tue 6:00-8:00, Sat 12:00-2:30

$50 per month



High School Team

Climbers attending high school are given the opportunity to receive physical education credits through their school with this program. This course meets three times a week focusing on strength training, advanced technique, and developing skills to take climbing to indoor competitions or the great outdoors. Participants are led by a certified and experienced instructor.

5hrs/week per AISD Physical Education requirements

Meets: Thr. 6-8:30, Sat 12:00-2:30

$50 per month


Private Lessons

Have you reached a plateau? Feel like you’re not advancing? Are you frustrated with your efforts? Wanting to learn something specific about climbing, gear or movement? Private lessons will provide the direction, structure, and content to refine your skills. Improve your climbing skills by reserving time for a private lesson. Rentals included.

Lessons offered at anytime with reservation.

$20/hr with purchase of day pass and any gear needed.

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